Worth-Reading Environmental News in Australia Today

Australia is filled to be the brim with wonderful nature attractions giving tourists plenty of options to choose from upon their visit. Furthermore, the country has a good number of natural wonders the world recognizes including the famous Great Barrier Reef which is the world’s largest reef system, Shark Bay, The Pinnacles, MacKenzie Falls, Fraser Island, Blue Mountains and many more. Australia’s great number of natural wonders means the government and community have to put extra effort in keeping these places clean and safe. Let us look at current environmental issues, which are making the news in Australian newspapers.

Worth-Reading Environmental News in Australia Today

Since the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular attraction in Australia let us start off with the first environmental issue which is marine conservation. Australia has a lot of waters that needs to be kept safe and clean for the future generation. For that matter, the community is keen in looking for government projects that could potential harm marine life. A good example of this is with regards to the Adani Coal Mine which received its final approvals. Townsville was divided with diametrically opposing views on the great benefits – or catastrophes – that would flow with the mine.

In other news, there was an outrage with the new shark nets installed in Northern NSW. The Australian Marine Conservation Society expresses grave concern at a kneejerk decision to exempt the NSW Government from national environmental law, allowing the immediate deployment of new shark nets in Northern NSW.

Climate change is also another issue Australia is facing which can be problematic with the country’s many aquatic territories. There is indeed a cause for concern especially with Australia ranked among worst developed countries for climate change action. Australia has been singled out again as a climate laggard, being ranked fifth-worst for emissions and policies among developed countries and among the six worst countries in the G20 when it comes to climate action. Climate change is affecting several businesses in Australia including the wine industry which affects the quality of the wine they produce.

Australian winemakers are facing new challenges with the rising heat. This in turn compresses harvesting seasons, causing grapes to ripen earlier — sometimes during the hotter December-February summer months rather than autumn. People are wanting action on this particular issue and it is good to hear that the Turnbull government is kick starting its promised review of its climate change policies which will aim to reduce emissions while keeping the nation’s energy secure and affordable.

Land degradation is also quite a popular environmental topic in Australia. This is often caused by a variety of factors including logging and wood chopping, land clearing and as well as soil salinity. It should be noted that land clearance is on the rise in Australian states like Queensland and New South Wales, with land clearing laws being fiercely debated. We mentioned climate change earlier and land clearing contributes in releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This causes warming locally, regionally and even globally, and it changes rainfall by altering the circulation of heat and moisture.

Each and every one of us has a role in helping care for the environment. Keep yourself up to date with the latest environment news to know how more about the issues that needs to be addressed.

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