Climate Change: Is It Real?

Climate change is a very controversial topic, constantly on the agenda of businesses and indeed governments worldwide. It is considered, or not considered often to much chagrin, in major national and international agreements.
There’s a back and forth in the scientific community regarding the existence of climate change, it’s real, it’s not real, it will bring about catastrophic weather changes, it will have no effect on world weather systems.
All of this can be quite confusing, especially as an average person without much access to data and little or no scientific background. It makes it even more confusing that key scientists who voice their opinions on the issue can be either for or against, with either side calling the other side out for taking grants, which means extra money in short, in order to support one argument or another.
So what to do in a world where our government can’t agree on the existence of climate change and we can’t rely on scientists to give us unbiased information?

In our view it’s pretty simple, is climate change real?

It doesn’t matter!

Let’s look at this issue again, climate change comes about because of pollution supposedly, the more pollution the more climate change.

Well guess what?

More pollution also simply means more pollution and I don’t know of anyone who can argue pollution is a good thing. We should be looking at reducing pollution. Pretty simple.
When we look at the issues surrounding climate change and realise that they’re actually issues relating to pollution everything seems to become a lot clearer.

Think about this in relation to industry and business, the most efficient businesses are the ones with a serious competitive advantage, versus a dirty, dingy old factory or power plant somewhere.

Wouldn’t Australian businesses prefer to be the most efficient in the world? Wouldn’t they prefer to have a competitive edge? Introducing measures to reduce energy consumption often directly relate to savings when it comes to the bottom line.

At the end of the day, it serves all Australians when we reduce pollution, the right and the left, if we want to preserve our way of life, it just has to be done.

We will be exploring this controversial issue in more depth in the future, but we just wanted to take the time to give an interesting spin on this idea, just as food for thought.