Australian Conservation Monitoring Group (ACM Group)

Australian Conservation Monitoring Group (ACM Group), is an “Australian Community Managed” organisation founded in 2015 which aims to hold to account the social, ethical and environmental activities of business operating in our country as well as local and federal government and their policies in Australia.


While monitoring various environmental issues and bringing our own voice to the table on behalf of ordinary Australians we also aim to teach ordinary, every day people how they can help to have a positive outcome on the beautiful land in which they live and on their own lives.


What do we mean when we say we are an Australian Community Managed Group? We mean that we are local members of the community who look at issues affecting the conservation of Australian flora and fauna without outside influence and duress. We aim to provide an objective, though Australian interest focused, lens through which members of the public can get another side of the story as to what is going on with the conservation of this beautiful country’s unique flora, fauna and natural beauty.


What are the ACM Group core objectives and focuses?

  1. To improve the environmental literacy of our great nation and its peoples so we have much to look forward to in the future and something to pass to our kids and grand kids.
  2. Providing easy to digest information on large projects which could affect our environment in a positive or negative way. We believe in sharing good news!
  3. Give advice on fun and family centric projects which can be done at home and can involve the whole family and are especially fun for kids!