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About Us

The Australian Conservation Monitoring Group (ACM Group), is an “Australian Community Managed” operation founded in 2015 which aims to educate, inform and inspire everyday Australians to behave in an ethical and sustainable way. We want to give Australians a voice with which they can hold to account the social, ethical and environmental activities of not only businesses operating in our country but also government at a state and federal level.
We monitor various environmental issues we think are of concern to the average citizen of this country and aim to give them a voice at the table when discussing the future of their beloved nation. We also aim to teach people from all walks of life and cultures how they can help to have a positive outcome on the beautiful land in which they live and on their own lives and the lives of future generations.
What do we mean when we say we are an Australian Community Managed Group? We mean that we are local people who live in communities just like yours who want to look at issues concerning the conservation of Australian flora and fauna without having an agenda beyond ensuring continuing generations of Australians can enjoy the lifestyle we all grew up with.
We aim to provide an Australian interest focused, though sometimes broader, viewing glass through which members of local communities throughout Australia can get up to date information on what is happening with regard to the conservation of this country’s unique flora, fauna and landscapes.
What are our core objectives and focuses?

  1. To improve the environmental literacy of people at a local level from kids to grand parents and great grand parents. We believe we have much to look forward to in the future and have enjoyed a great past and we want to leave something to pass to our kids and grand kids.
  2. Providing simplified information on projects and policies which may affect our environment in a negative or positive way. We believe in sharing information on groups and individuals who are doing great things also, it’s not all bad news here and we want to celebrate success!
  3. Give advice on activities and family-centric projects which can be home based, with a practical element, delivered on a budget and can involve the whole family with special attention to making children interested and engaged!

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