5 Environmental News Snippets You Should Know About


This 21-Year-Old is Cleaning Up Our OceansThe largest ocean cleanup in history will begin by 2020, and a 21-year-old is leading the way.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, 11 February 2016

Great for serious discussion or just something clever to bring up over dinner, these are our 5 top environmental news stories happening right now …

1. WA Environmental Defender’s Office Slams Biodiversity Conservation Bill
The WA Environmental Defender’s Office has slammed Albert Jacob’s biodiversity bill claiming that it is a giant step back and claiming that the proposed removal of the threat of jail time for harming highly threatened species was disturbing.
Meanwhile Environment Minister Albert Jacob has described changes to the Wildlife Conservation act as a “Holy Grail” of legislation change of every previous government going right back to the 1980s.

2. CSIRO Cuts Are Causing A ‘Real Crisis’ For Environmental Science
Deep staffing cuts mean that the CSIRO is having to axe 350 jobs mainly from the Land and Water division.
The move has drawn international condemnation from scientists in Australia and abroad led by members of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US.

3. Environment Minister Greg Hunt Wins Best Minister In The World Award
Interestingly not an Onion story, Greg Hunt really did win the best minister in the world award during a ceremony in the UAE. Not a joke. Apparently he has some ground breaking policies once you get past the whole Adani/Abbott Point fiasco.

4. Climate Change Affecting Trans-Atlantic Flight Times
Climate change has been shown to have increased the speed of the jet stream, a strong wind blowing west to east across the Atlantic ocean.
Currently the journey takes an hour longer when travelling from Europe to the US. It can also cause bumpier flights with more turbulence and decrease the amount of weight an aircraft can carry.

5. Concerns English Children Are Not Spending Enough Time Engaging With Nature
A 2 year study funded by the government has found that more than one in nine British youth had not spent any time in a natural environment in the last twelve months. This includes parks, forests and beaches.