3,500 Problem Kangaroos Lead To Petition Of WA Environment Minister

Wild KangarooI have fond memories of Wanneroo, and especially Yanchep but some of the locals are causing a bit of a bother there nowadays if news reports are to be believed.

The locals in question? Some 3,500 kangaroos who are leaving their high life at the Yanchep Sun City Country Club behind so that they can move into the path of neighbouring homes.

Supposedly Wanneroo council has tried to get the WA Environment Minister, the Hon Albert Jacob, to step in as the country club has begun moving the kangaroos along as they’re destroying the greens of the golf course.

A petition begun by Yanchep local Kelsey Burns has already attracted 1,800 signatures with Wanneroo mayor Tracy Roberts joining the fight and asking for “quick and effective” action.

The problem is that the kangaroos have begun migrating from the national park into residential areas and were becoming trapped by the residential spaces surrounding the park.

This creates problems as kangaroos then interact with domestic pets and also spill out onto roadways where they can cause traffic problems.

Ms Roberts said the council had asked the country club to allow the kangaroos onto the course from the eastern side towards Yanchep National Park and were erecting signs to warn motorists about the rogue kangaroos.

One other problem is that the amount of bushland left in the area is relatively sparse, and could soon be destroyed to make way for more residential houses. Options have even been suggested of moving them on, relocated to another national park.

The Sun City Country Club has responded to inquiries reminding people that they had been on site for over 40 years and opened at a time when residential developments were minimal and kangaroos were able to roam freely in natural bushland.

With recent land development projects the kangaroos have been pushed towards the golf course.

They’ve also had a problem with vandals using vehicles to knock down existing fences which has caused severe damage to the course, ACM Group  would like to make clear that these vandals were obviously not kangaroos!

Albert Jacob, the Environment Minister has responded, saying the management of the roos was the responsibility of the Council, though he has asked that he continue to be informed about the issue in future.